The festival

Tradoodle is a traditional arts festival for young audiences in Co. Monaghan. Tradoodle is for school and family audiences and incorporates traditional music, song, dance, & storytelling.

The brief

The logo to highlight the cross-arts perspective of the festival.
It should bring an element of fun, lightness, child-friendliness, and curiosity to Traditional Arts.
The ‘doodle’ element of the name does in a way include the idea of ‘drawing’ but it shouldn't be the focus of the logo concept.

The process

Starting with the festival and the arts it incorporates, I brainstormed ways to represent each art form individually and collectively. I moved on to the word itself, looking at the shape of letters, their relationship to each other, and how they might be used to represent the various arts. A sweep through internet searches and sources gave inspiration for a mood board of ideas and styles. An alphabet with blocky letters and black lines for legs and arms was the seed of the treatment of the logo.

The logo

The logo features a tin-whistle player, a storyteller scaring a harp-player, two Irish dancers, someone doodling and a singer. Using the counters within the closed letters to form eyes, gave personality, while arms, legs and props could be used to create a representation of each art form.