The brief

Teibí is the personal website of ethnomusicologist, Dr Aileen Dillane. She approached me to help her develop an identity and concept for the site that would bring her academic interests to life in an untypical way. Teibí is the Irish word for abstract. She set a brief using directions such as:

  • Encompass what abstract means - a distilling of wisdom from multiple sources
  • Engage with sensory overload rather than clean and crisp - highlight the multiple sources rather than the end distillation
  • Try and bring my personality in it - maybe through illustration
  • Make it visually engaging so my students are enticed in to check out its contents


The design

The resulting concept has a number of features

  • The Teibí logo which expresses the notation of 'abstract' through overlapping squares creating and identifying a core. The logo is quite formal but links in with the webpage background which is the opposite.
  • The website background hints at sensory overload without being distracting. The top features irregular shapes that gradually cross and combine as you move downwards, becoming more honed, more structured.
  • Illustrations provide a distinct personality to the site. Each page has a sidebar illustration related to Aileen's personality, while the same design scheme is carried over to the topic illustrations.
  • The illustrations were carried through to poster designs for a seminar series.