The brief

The Society for Music Education in Ireland needed a new logo and promotional materials for an upcoming conference. The brief expressed a number of possible themes for the logo; local, national, global, unity, diversity. The conference theme was ‘Legacies, conversations, aspirations’.

The logo design

The themes from the brief were represented in a number of initial concepts pitched to the client. A final direction was chosen that can be described as follows...

  • The circles indicate the different organisations that SMEI represents
  • The lines of the circles are dashed to indicate the individual members of these organisation and of SMEI
  • The spaces between the dashes form undulating rivers to indicate the movement and interaction of people between organisations
  • The grading of colour getting more distinct towards the core indicates the strength formed by working together
  • The green circle at the core of the device represents SMEI itself as the accumulation of its respective parts and the forum for interaction
Conference promotional materials

A simple quotations metaphor was used to represent the themes of ‘Legacies, conversations, aspirations’. This was overlaid onto one of my own photographs that suited the theme. A poster, leaflet and jute bag where produced.