The book

'Is Christmas Cancelled?' is a Christmas story by Kitty K, an up and coming children's book author. It is the story of Rudolph having a cold and his nose losing its glow. Santa can’t fly without a light so he lets the world know that Christmas must be postponed. Eva Rose and Fairy Nuff have different ideas though!

My role

I illustrated the story in full, along with graphic design of the layout and promotional materials. The illustrations are vector based using simple shapes, strong colours and gradient shading. This gives a modern, fun look to match the story. The book was launched in 2015.

More about the book

The parallax story

Prior to the children’s book, we released the Is Christmas Cancelled story as a parallax website with animated illustration and audio narration. Using Adobe Muse, I developed the story as a one-page website. Listening to the narration, the user scrolls down the page, controlling the animation themselves, creating an engaging user experience with great entertainment for young and old.

Parallax Story