The project

This was the final year project of my degree in Visual Communcations and was exhibited at the Limerick School of Art and Design degree show, 2012.

The issue

Brian Ó Broin identified in an Irish Times article that a potential linguistic schism is developing between urban speaker and native speaker Gaeilgeoirí. Further informal analysis of the situation also reveals that not only are the cohorts disengaging from each other linguistically, they are also engaging in negative stereotyping towards each other. This project seeks to raise awareness of the sociological aspect of this developing schism, and in doing so, encourage Irish speakers to re-evaluate how they engage with each other.

The design

The project presents the issues as a newspaper format editorial piece with explanatory illustrations and supporting info-graphics. The illustrations are vector drawn to provide a clean visual style and typography is kept bold and legible to emphasis the need for clear communication.

Research and copy writing

Apart from the initial article by Brian Ó Broin, the rest of the content was researched and copy-written especially for the project. The different aspects of stereotyping were researched by talking to a number of parties from the identified language groups and distilling the essence of their input into words and visuals.


A tip-in to the main piece summarises the stereotyping of each other that three language archetypes in Ireland partake in (native speakers, Gaeilgeoirí and Anglophones). The posters are perforated at the folds to highlight the potential for the schism to become real.

Custom font

A custom font was created for each archetype. These use a common root structure but have unique features which allude to characteristics of the stereotyping within each archetype.