About me

Flute player, would-be skier, sandwich maker, roller coaster nerd, appreciator of stupid humour, and graphic designer with two parallel areas of interest...

Creative design

Freelance and personal projects, concentrating on design for print and illustration

Applied design

Application of graphic design to UX, UI, web and identity

Some more about me…

Key skills
  • Graphic design – concepting, layout, typography, identity
  • Illustration – children’s books, infographics, editorial
  • UX & UI – interaction design, interface design, prototyping, specifications documentation
  • Web – intermediate skills in HTML & CSS
  • Teamwork – leader, facilitator, grafter
  • Presentation – concepts and designs to clients and high level stakeholders
  • BA Visual Communications: 1st (Limerick School of Art and Design)
  • Bsc Information Technology: 2:1 (University of Salford)
  • MA Irish Traditional Music Performance: 1st (University of Limerick)
Professional Memberships
  • Member of the International Society of Typographic Designers
  • Member of the Institute of Designers in Ireland
  • Member of Children's Books Ireland
  • Member of IxDA (Interaction Design Association)
  • Member of 100 Archive

How I ended up here…

The eclectic path

I’ve had an eclectic career path to design but I’ve always been a creative...

  • I was continually drawing and playing music as a child
  • I studied a degree in IT in Manchester, but liking design, I morphed it into a specialism in multimedia
  • I was an e-learning ‘product builder’ and visual designer using Macromedia Authorware in Dublin
  • I followed music to the University of Limerick and studied for an MA in Irish Traditional Music Performance
  • Combining the two, I designed a blended-learning ‘Certificate in Music’ and freelanced on a number of multimedia products for a variety of clients, including Microsoft Education
  • I moonlighted as a Chalet Host in the French Alps for a few winter seasons
  • I lectured in Irish Traditional Music studies, taught the flute and ran a music and dance summer school
The focussed path

After my initial eclectic path, I decided to focus on design...

  • I started a four year degree in Visual Communications at Limerick School of Art and Design
  • On the course, I took a deep dive into graphic design principles, problem solving and aesthetic bliss and loved every minute!
  • After my graduate show, I moved to Dublin, I did two short internships:
    • Graphic design within Associate
    • Graphic and web design within Ebow

I then took a position bringing the disparate design aspects of my career together through a position at American educational publishers, HMH